Weekly Tiki: Tiki Apartments

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While driving home from an estate sale yesterday, I decided to take the streets home. As I cruised down Arrow Route in Upland, I spotted the Tiki Apartments! I immediately pulled over to snap a photo. I’ve seen them a few times before, but couldn’t remember exactly where they were located. Now I know! I […]


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

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Happy Halloween from your pals at Rydell Relics! My entire year revolves around this day, and although I’ve been super busy picking treasure and stocking the eBay store, I’m still enjoying the decorations, costumes, and general spookiness out there. After today, I could easily slip into a coma, wake up on New Years Eve, and […]


Weekly Tiki: A Quickie

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After leaving the housecoat hoarder sale, I followed some signs to a yard sale a few blocks away. Nice folks, but they didn’t have anything I needed. On the way out, I spotted this fella in their garden. It was cool seeing tiki randomly represented in an otherwise average setting. I didn’t bother asking is […]